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Construction Is Underway: Tallinn Will Have the First Green Office Covered with Vegetation


Commissioned by the real estate developer Hepsor, Mitt&Perlebach has started the construction of an office block named Grüne near Tallinn Zoo, which is based on the green thinking concept. In addition to many environmentally friendly solutions, the building will have walls covered with climbing plants, a unique feature in Estonia.

According to member of the Hepsor management board Henri Laks, rooms in the office block are heated and cooled by using geothermal energy, and smart sensors are regulating the distribution and storage of thermal energy through the ceilings of the building.

“Needs-based ventilation operates in meeting rooms, based on the number of people present, there will be facilities to collect rainwater and solar panels on the roof will help keep energy costs down. Only smart and sustainable LED-solutions will be used for lighting areas in common use,” Laks said.

“We also thought about the environment when picking the location – the building is located by the Haabersti-Mustamäe road for non-motorised transport modes and will have all the facilities for people walking or using bicycles to get to work – both indoors and outdoors parking for bikes, as well as changing rooms and showers,” Laks added.

According to Kristjan Mitt, member of the management board of the builder Mitt&Perlebach green offices are an emerging trend in the world. “Innovative technological solutions help save the environment, keep maintenance costs under control and create better working conditions for the employees,” Mitt said.

Henri Laks, manager of Hepsor maintains that building an environmentally friendly office block is not that much more expensive than building a regular one, and as a result the green office rental prices are in the same range with those of other new offices. “Therefore, finding tenants has been plain sailing and half the Grüne offices are taken already before the building is completed. The only other green office houses in Tallinn, also developed by Hepsor, at 7B Järvevana Road and 157 Sõpruse Avenue, were completely rented out by the time the construction was finished,” Laks explained.

“Our aim is to achieve sustainability and look into the future whenever we undertake a new development. For example, we recently started the construction of Büroo113, Estonia’s first high-rise based on the green thinking concept at Pärnu Road. The building is scheduled to be ready by spring 2022.

The Grüne green office developed by Hepsor will have 3,600 square metres of space on four floors and a 280 square metre roof terrace, open for all. The building was designed by architects Karli Luik and Johan Tali, the authors of many a building of significance, like the building of the Saue Municipality and the headquarters of the electricity firm Elering. The builders of the Grüne green office are Mitt&Perlebach. The house will be completed by the end of 2021.

Attached are 3D pictures of the Grüne green office being built at the border of the Haabersti and Mustamäe districts.

Additional information:

Henri Laks
Hepsor OÜ management board member
E-mail henri@hepsor.ee
Phone: +372 5693 9114


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