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Public consultation on version of Krasta City local plan


On 20 March 2022, Riga City Council adopted a Resolution No. 1351 “On handing over the version of a local plan of territory situated between Krasta Street, Salu Bridge and Daugava to public consultation and receiving an opinion from institutions”. The goal of the local plan is to adapt conditions of Riga territorial planning through developing the territory as multifunctional class A business complex with publicly available construction and well-arranged public outdoors area on the right bank of Daugava.

The local plan solutions are based on the results of an architectural sketch competition organised in 2020 where a special focus was put on successful integration of buildings’ architecture into the urban landscape. During the project it is planned to construct a more than a half-kilometre long promenade enabling citizens to access the waterfront and have a good time. Project is connecting the existing promenade which comes from Old-Town and enabling citizens and visitors to have a destination to go by the promenade along River Daugava, improved public transport flow, pedestrian bridge, and improved bicycle infrastructure. Class A business complex that will consist of office buildings and multifunctional centre with shops, restaurants and cafés, daycare and activities for families are all part of “Krasta City” which will synergistically interact to create a new lifestyle block in Riga. It will refresh Daugava bank so that it can become one of the most vivid areas of the city.  First stage of the project is expected to be completed by 2025.

For more information about the process of public consultation visit the website of Department of Development of Riga City Council.

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