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Martti Krass about “Hepsor”, its plans, similarities and differences between two countries and markets


Property buyers in Latvia are more skeptical than Estonians – many are cautious and do not trust the real estate developer until the project is almost built. However, it is at the initial stage of construction that it is possible to get a better price.

This is changing recently, one of the peculiarities of the market is noted by Martti Krass, the head of the Estonian real estate developer “Hepsor” in Latvia. This company from a neighboring country entered our market about five years ago. By the end of 2021, the company had sold 100 apartments in its implemented projects in Latvia, while this year this indicator will definitely be exceeded – the sales results were equivalent in the first half of the year alone. At the same time, “Hepsor” is advancing its most ambitious project “Krasta City” – a business complex by the river Daugava.

“Delfi Bizness” continues to introduce the players of the real estate market, this time talking with Martti Krass about “Hepsor”, its plans, similarities and differences between the markets of the two countries: 

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