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Hepsor introduce to the new project on Imanta Alley – “Annenhof Mājas”


This month, following the uplifting feelings from the national holiday, the first construction works will begin at Jūrmalas gatve 74, where the project of two low-rise residential buildings, “Annenhof Mājas”, is planned to be completed by the end of 2024. This will be the eighth residential segment project in Latvia created by the Estonian real estate developer “Hepsor”. 

The project visualisations anticipate that “Annenhof Mājas” will become the residential project of the neighbourhood that will turn the heads of many passers-by. Creating new projects in such areas is a pleasant challenge for real estate developers because the historically formed surrounding landscape with avenues of trees planted by ancient nobles that are still standing to this day are an invaluable contribution to the area and will delight the new residents of “Annenhof Mājas” as they go about their daily lives.

The facades of the new houses integrate a dark grey toned brick texture and wooden elements, which create an aesthetic and sophisticated feeling close to nature, which is enhanced by the spacious terraces on the first floor. They are built just like in standalone houses – at ground level, while the entire ensemble of outdoor spaces merges with the surrounding environment. Privacy will be maintained with the help of surrounding greenery and the special topography of the area.

What types of apartments are available in the “Annenhof Mājas” buildings?

Both of the “Annenhof Mājas” 3-storey houses will include 20 apartments. The offer includes 2‑4 room apartments, with areas from 51–84 m2. Both houses qualify for the highest A+ energy efficiency class, with a built-in recuperation system and individual meters. When buying an apartment, the new owners can choose between three types of interior finishes – dark, light and the premium version, although each of them will include high-quality, tested materials and technical solutions. While working on this project, the developer has thought about the fundamentals, from quality to uniqueness. One of the main goals of the “Annenhof Mājas” project designers has been to create well-lit living spaces with wide windows.

The “Annenhof Mājas” project is focused on taking care of an environmentally friendly lifestyle and daily comfort of residents. Each house will include 11 separate storage rooms that can be purchased, for example, by the owners of smaller apartments to store various seasonal or rarely used belongings, and it will also be possible to buy apartments that will already include such storage spaces in the apartment itself. Additional living space will also be provided by outdoor spaces available to all apartments – terraces for first-floor apartments and loggias for the rest. A comfortable daily rhythm for the residents will also be ensured by 39 surface parking spaces in the yard, which, considering the growing popularity of electric cars, can also be converted into electric car charging stations.

The project will include a thought-out environmental layout, with an emphasis on a peaceful recreation area. It includes a closed and landscaped area, a fence, pavement, and luscious greenery. From early spring to late autumn, residents will be delighted by deciduous trees, evergreens, blooming flowers, and green hedges. The area will also include two playgrounds for children of different ages and rest areas with benches. There will also be a place for bicycles.

The project will seem particularly appealing to those who appreciate the infrastructure conveniences provided by the proximity of the city centre – shops, cafes, medical facilities, schools, bicycle infrastructure and a variety of transportation options, all within walking distance. An important addition – the project will include two pedestrian paths from the territory, leading to both Jūrmalas gatve and Imantas 8. līnija. Both footpath gates will be equipped with an access control system. The centre of Riga can be reached in about 15 minutes, Jūrmala – in 20 minutes, Riga Airport – in 12 minutes, and the shopping centre Spice – in 12 minutes. A significant benefit for the houses in this area is also the proximity of the Riga-Jūrmala bicycle path, which is just a few minutes away.

Currently, the first six apartments of the project have already been reserved and it is planned that the apartments will be available for purchasing in the first quarter of 2025. Find out more at: https://hepsor.lv/annenhofmajas or contacting our Project Sales Manager – Olita Mestere, olita@hepsor.lv, +37126 603 222

The project is developed by “Hepsor” – one of the largest and fastest growing real estate developers in Estonia that has been operating in Latvia for six years already. The construction contractor “Mitt & Perlebach” is an accomplished and experienced construction company specialising in the construction of apartment buildings, warehouses, production and commercial properties. 


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