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“Hepsor” – Agenskalns is one of the most demanded residential areas in Riga


In recent years, Agenskalns has become an increasingly sought-after area of Riga, as evidenced by the growing interest of people in residential projects implemented in this area. The Estonian real estate developer Hepsor has also recognized it as one of the most attractive parts of Riga, where to look for a home for yourself and your family. The growing value of Agenskalns is also revealed by the purchase prices of the property. In 2020, apartment prices in new projects ranged from 2,000 to 2,200 euros/m2, while in the future they could increase from 2,200 to 2,500 euros/m2.

Agenskalns is one of the oldest residential areas, where the historical architecture typical of this area is harmoniously complemented by new real estate projects. The surroundings are made especially attractive by green parks and squares, which in spring, surrounded by sakura, delight the eyes of citizens of Riga, but in winter and summer they serve as a place of rest for families with children and supporters of active recreation.

Undoubtedly, one of the trump cards of this neighbourhood is also its excellent location. Agenskalns is located close to the city centre and is easily accessible not only by car, but also on foot, by bike, electric scooter or public transport. The infrastructure available in the location – shops, educational institutions, cafes, restaurants, and other places to spend time with family and friends – makes living in this area comfortable and enjoyable for people in all age groups. According to Hepsor, Agenskalns is perfect for people who prefer to live in a greener neighbourhood, while being very close to the city centre.

Over the past three years, Hepsor has already launched four apartment building projects in Agenskalns, with a total of 180 apartments. Currently, two of the implemented projects have been put into operation. One of them is a modern three-storey house at Balozu Street 7. Its natural wood finish fits perfectly in the vicinity of Balozu Street. This residential house has 18 apartments, all of which are sold. The other is the residential project “Sentimento”, which is located in the historic Agenskalna Priedes, Agenskalna Street 24. This residential house with 28 apartments is characterized by modern architecture, functionality, energy efficiency and comfort. All available apartments in the project “Sentimento” have also been sold. However, the third Hepsor project in Agenskalns – a new three-storey house with 18 apartments, located at Balozu Street 9 – is planned to be put into operation in the beginning of 2022. Currently, there is only one vacant apartment left in this project. In the fourth project – “Kuldigas Parks”, which is a green residential quarter with two buildings, construction work has recently started. All four projects, due to their external façade and location, which continue the construction tradition, fit well into the building ensemble of the Agenskalns neighbourhood.

Martti Krass, Member of the Board of SIA Hepsor, reveals: “We value Agenskalns as one of the most attractive and comfortable living areas in Riga. Our main goal is to create housing that would fit perfectly into the artistic environment of Agenskalns. So far, we have been particularly successful with projects at Balozu Street 7 and 9, where we have preserved the historical appearance of the building, supplementing it with modern elements. Hepsor is pleased that customers are showing confidence in choosing one of our projects as their future home. The company wants to continue to improve this area and create visually attractive, suitable, and unique apartment buildings. We have already started work on a new residential quarter in this area – “Kuldigas parks”, which, like all previous projects, will fit perfectly into the overall form of Agenskalns architecture.”

The construction works of the newest real estate developer’s residential building project in the vicinity of Agenskalns “Kuldigas parks” were started in September this year. In the next three months, the builders will carry out large-scale earthworks for site preparation, construction of engineering networks, as well as construction of building foundations. The project of the residential quarter “Kuldigas Parks” is located at Gregora Street 2A, and it is planned to be completed in the first half of 2023.

About Hepsor:

The company was founded in Estonia in 2011, where several real estate projects in the residential and commercial segment have been implemented so far. Hepsor started operating in Latvia at the end of 2017. In cooperation with Hepsor-related construction company Mitt & Perlebach, several projects are being developed, offering customers to purchase real estate at a quality-appropriate price in the residential segment. In the coming years, large investments will be made in the residential and commercial segment, about which more information will be provided in the foreseeable future.


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