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All apartments were sold in Hepsor’s first developed project in Riga, Baložu Street 7


Real estate developer “Hepsor” informs that in the first apartment building developed in Latvia, Agenskalns, at Baložu Street 7, all 18 apartments have been sold

In the three-story building, 7 two-room, 5 three-room and 6 four-room apartments with full finishing in the area from 40 to 87 m2 were offered for purchase. The building was designed by an architect Uldis Berzins, architectural bureau “Tectum”. All apartments have a balcony or terrace. In addition to each apartment, there was a storage room located in the basement of the building for storage of personal belongings. For the convenience of residents, a closed yard with 11 parking lots, a well-maintained recreation area and a children’s playground are provided.

The sale of the building’s apartments started in September 2018 at the same time as construction. Although clients showed interest and trust in the project as of beginning of construction by placing reservations before building was constructed, period after the commissioning of the building in December 2019 was the most active period for sales. The project was fully finished within 24 months. The average selling price of apartments is 2450 EUR / m2. 

Member of the board of “Hepsor SIA” Martti Krass expresses his satisfaction with achieved results in implementation of the first project in Riga: “”Hepsor” appreciates Agenskalns as one of the most attractive districts of Riga for development of new projects. We feel great pride with the results of our team work in improving the urban environment of Riga and creating visually attractive, relevant and unique apartment projects. “Hepsor” experience and good practices in developing residential projects in Estonia were used in construction of this project. We will continue the construction of new projects in Agenskalns also in the future”.
The apartments in the project have been purchased mainly by economically active residents of Pardaugava, who appreciate the advantages provided by Agenskalns – peace and quiet, green environment, creative atmosphere of the surroundings and the opportunity to easily reach the centre of the city. One of the great advantages of the project, which seemed especially attractive for families with children, is a closed cozy and green yard with preserved trees and greenery, which provide an environment close to a private house.

Customers who did not manage to buy one of the offered apartments in the Baložu Street 7 project, but still want to find a home in the vicinity of Āgenskalns, will soon be able to apply for apartments in the new Hepsor apartment project in the neighborhood – Baložu Street 9. Information will follow during October.

The project is being implemented by Estonian real estate developer Hepsor. The company has been operating in Latvia since the end of 2017 and in cooperation with the Estonian construction company “Mitt & Perlebach” implements several residential projects in the quiet center of the capital and Agenskalns, as well as develops commercial premises on the outskirts of Riga. In the coming years, Hepsor will make large-scale investments not only in the residential but also in the commercial segment, including the construction project “Krasta City” on the right bank of the river Daugava.


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