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A new apartment building has been put into operation in Āgenskalna Priedes


In February 2020, real estate developer Hepsor has commisioned a second apartment building in Riga. The five-storey building with twenty-eight apartments is built following the best traditions of Āgenskalna Priedes neighbourhood, combining the feeling of a small town with modern building solutions. Total investment in the project is 3,5 M EUR.

The building project fits into the historic Āgenskalns structure, characterized by the location of the buildings with a special angle to the street and wide green areas. The apartments in the building are equipped with balconies facing away from the bustle of the street, creating a comfortable space for relaxation. The building is surrounded by greenery, all windows of the building have a nice view of the park’s green area. For the convenience of the residents, parking lots have been created in the courtyard of the building. The building is equipped with elevator and individual storage facilities. All apartments are equipped with the latest generation of intercoms with video surveillance function.

The author of the project, architect Diāna Zalāne describes the building as laconic, clean and Scandinavian. The most prominent part of the building is the facade that is made of Caparol Original Meldorfer® brick tiles imitating natural stone. They organically fit into the diverse architecture of Āgenskalns. The facade material is extremely durable, energy-efficient, yet elegant and expressive. The building’s entrance door, designed to accent the classic grey facade of the building, is made in red colour, which is considered a symbol of success and prosperity in many countries.

The building is equipped with energy-efficient triple glazed windows, adapted to different solar radiation intensity. North and east facades are fitted with selective glass with high thermal insulation. The windows of the south and west facades are equipped with a specially treated glass, which provides effective protection against solar radiation. The solutions are designed to make residents feel comfortable in any weather conditions.

About half of the apartments have already been reserved before the building was put into operation. We invite young professionals and families with children to use Altum support program for purchasing real estate with reduced down-payment.

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