The worth of a house is determined by its location. How far is it from the city centre? How are the public transport connections? Can children get to school and afterschool activities by themselves? Where is the nearest kindergarten? Is there a grocery store close enough to go on foot? There are many more such questions, the closer the strategic points, the more a house is worth.

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perfect location

The location of the Paevälja courtyard houses is perfect. It’s a quiet and peaceful bystreet, but everything is nearby – that is every home owner’s dream. The area of Paevälja puiestee is like a small oasis between Lasnamäe and the city centre, strangers have no business there, but future home owners can reap all the benefits of the capital! A secluded living environment also means having a sense of security – for the children playing in the courtyard, as well as the hobby athletes going for a walk at dusk!