worthy of
its name

Courtyard houses are usually associated with old alleyways with many rundown wooden buildings and grimy nooks. The project of the Paevälja courtyard houses takes the concept of a yard from the past to the future, where it’s a safe and convenient living environment. Sports facilities allow the inhabitants to keep in shape, and why not even compete with their neighbours. The variety of playground attractions puts a smaller kindergarten to shame. Comfortable benches and lounge chairs are there for people who just wish to relax in the fresh air.

The courtyard is what creates the living environment. In usual buildings, peoples’ homes end with the front door of their apartment, but the large green family-friendly courtyard at Paevälja is the element that brings all the apartments together. The courtyard is the place for children to find new friends and for adults to chat. The multipurpose courtyard is like the heart of a beehive, bringing together the people who live around it and creating a unified wholesome home for everybody who take care of it together!