Unique homes in a dignified industrial building

Welcome to Manufactory Quarter in the heart of Northern Tallinn! Where the chimneys of the Sitsi factory once smoked and the factory whistles roared, we are creating new homes with a unique character that cannot be found anywhere else.

Here you can create a home of exactly the size you want: expand the width or height of the apartment, make the rooms more spacious or instead more compact, and create an amazing terrace or a practical second level to host guests… These are just few fabulous ideas to create a home like no other in the world after your personal taste and preferences.

It is a place where a industrial history and an environmentally sustainable future intertwine.

Urban homes with industrial charm

The Factory offers space full of light and air with over 4-meter high ceilings; here you can create a home exactly as big as you want, with the layout and interior design of your choice. Are you looking for a large multi-storey 200 m2 home or a compact one-room apartment – there are no limits, as the apartments can be combined.

A winter garden, a spacious roof terrace, floor-to-ceiling arched windows, red brick walls – the possibilities are limitless. The Manufactory’s way is individuality – you can create your apartment according to your personal taste and preferences.

Manufaktuuri vabrik

Environmentally friendly building

Life in the Manufactory is based on a green way of thinking. The Manufactory combines the old and the new using the most modern environmentally sustainable technical solutions.

Energy class A – the building is heated and cooled with geothermal heating, which, if necessary, is combined with central heating. Thus, it is a particularly energy-efficient and sustainable building. In addition, the building has forced ventilation with heat recovery and cooling system in all apartments.

To encourage sustainable ways of moving around, the building has hobby and storage rooms for bicycles and strollers. Bicycle parking is also planned in the quarter.

The roof of the building is made of Roofit Solar black metal solar modules, which covers the electricity consumption in the public areas of the building.

We recycle as much as possible – we collect and reuse rainwater to water plants.

We tidy up the old and dignified apple orchards and create several new parks in the quarter so that everyone can have a good time without leaving the home quarter.

There is minimal car traffic in the quarter – cars can park safely and conveniently underground. In addition, the underground parking lot is equipped with charging points for electric cars.

Residents of the quarter are provided with all the possibilities for efficient sorting and recycling of waste.

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Let's go back in time...

The story of the Factory began in 1898 with the founding of the Baltic Manufactory; the city folk called it the Sitsi factory. During its golden age, the factory employed more than 2,000 diligent workers.

Let's go back in time...

... and create the future

With its excellent location, the Manufactory Quarter lays the foundation for the new era of the Factory. In addition to homes and commercial premises, several new parks, playgrounds and a kindergarten will be built here. Life is booming here!

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... and create the future

Varied landscape

The building and the surrounding landscape are created by the architects of Kadarik Tüür Arhitektid. The foundation of their skilful work is maintaining and preserving the dignified character of the heritage building. While respecting history, modern tools have naturally been taken into account, creating new modern functionality and comfort. So that the visitors and residents of the quarter feel good in the Factory’s premises, the diverse landscape has been created taking into account the needs and wishes of both locals and guests. Everyone will enjoy their time here.


The landscape design of the Manufactory Quarter respects the area’s unique industrial heritage by preserving its structure and historic details. During the creative process, overdesign has been avoided in order to keep the atmosphere of the environment free and natural. The public areas are conveniently accessible to all; they are divided into functionally distinct zones, including the linear park, the historic arboretum, Manufactory Square and the courtyard area of the new apartment buildings. An adventurous journey can start from Kopli Street, leading through the green linear park to Manufactory Square and culminating in a diverse and exciting sculpture park. From there you can head towards Sõle street and Stroomi beach – a journey full of discoveries!

Unique style

When creating the outstanding interiors of the building, Raul Kalvo and Helen Oja (inphysica) were guided by the unique character and distinctiveness of the Factory. Do you prefer minimalist coolness? Would you choose an embracing cosiness, or perhaps the symbiosis of industrial style concrete and metal speaks to you instead? You can find the interior solution you like in the Factory’s selection.


Everything you need
is right here

A cosy cafe on the first floor of your home, little shop around the corner and childcare or a small sports club just a few steps away. You can conveniently get all the necessary services without leaving your home quarter.

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