View from the street
View from the courtyard
ApartmentFloorRoomsTotal areaTerrace/balconyPrice
11363 m²63.1 m²Sold
21480.9 m²41.8 m²Sold
31246 m²4.9 m²179000€
41364.4 m²4.9+37.3 m²Sold
51242.7 m²88.5 m²Sold
61245.3 m²16.7 m²Sold
72363 m²8.4 m²Sold
82480.9 m²8.4 m²Booked
92246 m²4.9 m²Sold
102364.4 m²4.9 m²Sold
112242.7 m²5.6 m²Sold
122245.3 m²4.9 m²Sold
133363 m²8.4 m²Sold
143480.9 m²8.4 m²Booked
153246 m²4.9 m²Sold
163364.4 m²4.9 m²Sold
173242.7 m²5.6 m²Sold
183245.3 m²4.9 m²Sold
194363 m²8.4 m²249000€
204480.9 m²8.4 m²Sold
214246 m²4.9 m²Sold
224364.4 m²4.9 m²Sold
234242.7 m²5.6 m²Sold
244245.3 m²4.9 m²Sold
255363 m²8.4 m²Sold
265480.9 m²8.4 m²Sold
275246 m²4.9 m²Sold
285364.4 m²4.9 m²Sold
295242.7 m²5.6 m²Sold
305245.3 m²4.9 m²Sold
316363 m²8.4 m²Sold
326480.9 m²8.4 m²Sold
336246 m²4.9 m²Sold
346364.4 m²4.9 m²Sold
356242.7 m²5.6 m²Sold
366245.3 m²4.9 m²Sold
377363 m²8.4 m²Sold
387480.9 m²8.4 m²Sold
397246 m²4.9 m²Sold
407364.4 m²4.9 m²Sold
417242.7 m²5.6 m²Sold
427245.3 m²4.9 m²Sold
438363 m²8.4 m²Sold
448480.9 m²8.4 m²Sold
458246 m²4.9 m²219000€
468364.4 m²4.9 m²Sold
478242.7 m²5.6 m²Sold
488245.3 m²4.9 m²Sold
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terms of sale

The price includes

Completed apartment and building according to the project documentation and interior finishing package.
Fee for constructing and connecting to utility networks (water, electricity, sewage, heating).
Readiness for connecting to data communication, cable TV, telephone and security networks.

The price does not include

Fee for connecting to data communication, cable TV, telephone and security networks.
Notary and state fees in relation to the sales agreement.
Storage room (purchase is mandatory).
Parking space (purchase is mandatory).

Price of storage room and parking space will be added to the sales price

Storage room 4,000 €
Parking space outside 6,000 €


A reservation agreement will be entered into with the client and it will stay valid until a contract under the law of obligations is concluded. To confirm their wish to make a purchase, a buyer will make a prepayment of 3,000 euros upon entering into the reservation agreement.

Contract under the law of obligations:

A contract under the law of obligations will be entered into with the customer, specifying all the details of the transaction. The buyer will pay 10% of the sales price on the basis of the contract under the law of obligations.

Real right contract:

Upon the completion of the apartment, a notarised real right contract will be entered into, upon which the buyer will pay the rest of the purchase price and the ownership will transfer to the buyer. The real right contract must be entered into within one month after the completion of the apartment.

*Developer reserves the right to make changes to the price list.

Liina Mäsak
+372 6802656